A View on Discharge Point NLDP11014

A View on Discharge Point NLDP11014

A View on Discharge Point NLDP11014, 2022
inkjet print, glass frame

74% of Amsterdams wastewater is being treated in the RWZI Amsterdam West, located in the port area. The treated wastewater is discharged via Zijkanaal F into the North Sea Channel. On a European level, this discharge point is identified by the code NLDP11014.

By appearing like any depiction of a recognisable travel destination, the picture purports that it has been part of the laundrette for years—if not decades—already.  The work inserts the water treatment plant into the place where the water is becoming unclean as a result of yet another cleaning process. A View on Discharge Point NLDP11014 creates a visual link between two connected, but in our daily experience deliberately segregated sites.

The work was part of the Studio for Immediate Spaces end-of-year show „Bring Your Dirty Laundry“ and is now on permanent display at The Clean Brothers Wasserette, Amsterdam.