Manual enclosed in the capsules

For the Technologies to Come, 2018
Stainless steel capsules filled with Millennial Discs, rock wool, manual
Two channel video with sound, 32 min.

Thousands of personal photographs and videos have accumulated on our mobile devices in the past years. Too much to deal with and consume in a conventional way, especially when we think of the myriads that will be added in the future. Tech companies claim to have a solution for this: As Apple’s website states, their application Photos “scans your library for significant people, places, holidays, and more, and presents them in curated collections called Memories.”

On the two screens, I moulded my own documents into a consumable form, once manually and once with the help of Apple’s algorithms. All these photos and videos are also stored on six long-term storage discs, each one enclosed in a steel capsule. They are being preserved for the promised future technologies that will once take care of our amassed data.

Installation view
Installation view