Baumoräne, 2024
Borrowed stones, Paraloid B-72, Indian ink, poster

Biennale Bregaglia, 2.6.2024 – 28.9.2024, Bondo (CH)

Countless stones lie in the alleyways, gardens, and barns of Bondo. Stones, that once were brought into the village but are currently not integrated into the architecture, now awaiting their next use. They are borrowed from their owners for the duration of the exhibition and piled up on the edge of the village to form a moraine. Each stone is labelled with a number and recorded in an inventory indicating its origin; and after the Biennale all the stones will be returned to their previous location.

The “Baumoräne” created for BIENNALE BREGAGLIA 2024 is based on the close connection between Bondo’s architecture and the surrounding landscape. The body and material of the work illustrate the extent to which the mountains and the terrain are not static but in constant motion; on the other hand, they also tell the story of the local architecture, which consists of a natural material that can be reused endlessly.

Poster design by Lucian Kunz